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Hitoshi Inoue

Special Effects, Director Of Photography

Hitoshi Inoue brings more than eight years of artistic, creative and technical expertise to the Mindstorm team. As a 3-D artist, Hitoshi specializes in compositing, wire, harness and crane removal tasks for films, commercials, music videos and television programs. His visual artistry credits include Vendetta, Desert Heat and Inspector Gadget.  His other experiences include shooting a miniature model of a ship and decorating it to achieve a photo-realistic appearance in HBO’s Vendetta, and using visual effects make-up techniques to transform an actor’s skin texture in A Stir of Echoes.  Hitoshi has also been an in-house visual effects supervisor and has experience working in sound design on several projects including: The Others, The X-Files, Some Like It Hot, and The Last Patient, Golden Blaze. For Men In Black, Hitoshi assisted in creating and editing alien language.  Previously, as a visual effects editor, he worked on Starship Troopers, The Jackal, Titanic, Deep Rising, Paulie and Dr. Dolittle.  Hitoshi also edited a spot for Mitsubishi cars and an opening teaser for the 2001 season finale of The X-Files.  Began his career in the entertainment industry working as an intern at James Cameron’s company Lightstorm Entertainment.  Hitoshi as worked with Tahi as special effects supervisor and Director Of Photography.

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